25 Zero Calorie Foods For Slim Down Purpose

zero calorie foods

Zero calorie foods (also known as negative calories foods) are those with slight load of calories per serving. In other words the calories they offer us are greater than the calories required to digest them so limiting the amount of calories available.

Apricots = 48Kcal/100g
Mushroom = 38Kcal/100g
Apple = 52Kcal/100g
Raspberries =53Kcal/100g
Cauliflower = 16Kcal/100g
Carrots = 41Kcal/100g
Plum = 45Kcal/100g
Broccoli =34 Kcal/100g
Orange =47Kcal/100g
Watermelon =30Kcal/100g
Tomato =17Kcal/100g
Celery = 16Kcal/100g
Turnips = 28Kcal/100g
Cranberries = 46Kcal/100g
Beets = 43Kcal/100g
Lemon = 29Kcal/100g
Pineapple= 50Kcal/100g
Cabbage = 25Kcal/100g
Grapefruit = 42/100g
Spinach = 23Kcal/100g
Cucumber = 16Kcal/100g
Zucchini = 17Kcal/100g
Asparagus = 20Kcal/100g
Kale = 49Kcal/100g

*Moderation is key to weight loss