6 Tips To Educate Your Child About Good Manners


Man and woman together form a family. To perpetuate themselves in society, they gave birth to children. Children are what to be how their parents’ guide them to go through the journey of life. Parents are the caretaker, up bringers as well as role model for their children. As a child born his mind is just as a blank slate and the learning process just starts from his parents but the surroundings and environment also have a deep impact on his thinking and perceptions.

             “Children are the shadow of their parents”

In what way a child reacts in a situation all depend on the teaching and training of their parents. Parents are just like template and children are shaped by adjusting in this template. If you want to put your child on the right path of mannerism then you should have to play a role model to accomplish this purpose. Your children are what you teach them to be and nothing else.

Following are some tips which guide you how to teach your children good manners.

1. First Do Then Advice:
Always act yourself before teaching children anything good because children are more attentive .If there is contrast in what you say and what you do, it definitely pose bad impact on your children.

2. Always Say Please:
Always set examples to say please whenever it is needed like can you please pass this book to me? Or please give me a glass of water. In this way they become habitual to say “please’’ which reflects mannerism in them.

3. Make A Habit To First Take Permission:
Before using anything which is not your own property always make sure to first take permit from the owner and then use it carefully. For example May I lend your pencil to complete my work?

4. Always Encourage Good Things:
There must be a need of encouragement by parents to their children as it is necessary to build a positive confidence among them. Remember that confidence is the key to success. If you encourage them in their little acts of virtue they will definitely grow up as a kind human being.

5. Don’t Forget To Greet Others:
Greeting is the first step to mannerism; if a person has no sense about how to greet others then it is considered as ill manner so must train your children on how to greet others. Always advise your children to say hi or hello to others with a smile on face that will show respect for others. A greeting like how do you do is another appropriate option to show concern to others. Additionally, saying good bye or greeting like nice to meet you also fall in the category of mannerism.

6. Teach Children To Respect:
Our culture teaches us to respect elders and love youngers. Now it is the responsibility of the parents to implement this teaching in their lives so that their children get inspiration from them and do the same with their respected ones.