6 Tips To Manage Exam Stress With Good Nutrition


Exams is always been a challenging and terrific situation for children and adults as well. Exam session make a student feel stressed and pressurized all time. Peer pressure, self-desire to compete with others and to gain good grades puts one in physical and mental stress. At this time however family support plays a very important role but at the same time good health is also required. Parents think that only emotional support is required by them to their children but this is not only what is required, good nutrition and proper eating is also the need of time.
Learning and thinking required instant supply of energy. Brain is the organ which store energy only for a short while so to work properly it requires constant supply of energy.A good combination of food at proper time and in ample amount can serve this purpose. Now the question is which combination of food groups can provide unleashing energy to your brain. Let’s have a look on it:

Banana, a small energy packet:
Banana has a good repute to boost your energy level right away. It has a good combination of electrolytes with glucose and fructose sugar. It promotes serotonin levels (a hormone named as feel good hormone) and relieves stress.

Have milk daily:
Milk is a complete food and is important ingredient of daily diet. It supply handsome amount of nutrients which keep one active and alert.

Always carry seeds & nuts in your pocket:
Seeds and nuts are treasure of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are required by our body for its proper functioning. Seeds and nuts also contain many essential fatty acids which are ideal for brain. So a good tip is to have a handful of your favorite nuts and enjoy them whenever you feel inattentive.

Have fruits & vegetables regularly:
Fresh fruits and vegetables are well known for promoting health and well-being. They are laden with lots of nutrients, phytochemicals and anti-oxidants. They all have a combine effect to build up strong immunity thus lessens the chances to get disease and keep you energetic and supple.

Have an egg a day:
An egg is a cheaper way to have good nutrition as nature has gifted egg with a bundle of health benefits. An egg simply fulfills a major part of the daily nutrient requirements of human body. Nutritionist recommends consuming egg regularly in order get all the benefit. It will keep you limber and frisky.

Stay hydrated:
Dehydration is a major cause behind feeling dizzy and lethargic. Brain cells continuously require water to work effectively. So don’t forget to drink water, appropriate fluid intake is very necessary to stay active. Health advisors recommends to drink at least 2 liters of water per day which is almost 8-10 glass.