7 Exotic Health Benefits Of Persimmon Fruit


Persimmons have many similarities with tomatoes in physical appearance with usual round shape and deep orange color. This exotic fruit is sweet in taste with smooth creamy pulp inside. Its unique taste make it popular by the name of ‘’Nature’s Candy’’. Apart from being so luscious, persimmons also pose many health delicacies to human body. This exotic fruit contains a variety of health friendly nutrients which we need to enhance quality of life. Nature has endowed it with such super healing powers that it can cure cancer and many eye disorders.
If we talk about the nutritional profile of persimmons then we see astonishing facts. One serving of this little fruit provides you with only 75 calories with high quality of dietary fiber, phytonutrients and a great combination of vitamins and minerals. These include vitamin-A, B6, C, E and Potassium.

Some Health Benefits Of Persimmon Fruit:

• An anti-ageing fruit:
Although ageing is an absolute process but premature ageing can be stopped by healthy balanced diet rich in nutrients. Being rich in the wealth of nutrients especially vitamin-A and its derivatives persimmons are capable of regenerating damaged skin cell and also reduce oxidative stress thus it reduces the sign of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

• Have anti-cancerous properties:
Prevalence of cancer is increasing day by day; the identified reason behind this evil is lack of nutrients in diet so with little care one can easily stay away from this. Persimmons have anti-cancerous compounds among which betulinic acid is the highlighted one. This compound works by killing cancerous cells and hindering their production so keep on adding persimmon to your diet.

• A rich source of potassium:
Potassium is a key nutrient as it is required by our body to perform various functions. One of these functions is vasodilation; it dilates blood vessels and promotes a fluent flow of blood to body organs especially to heart thus makes on resistant against cardiovascular diseases so being rich in potassium, persimmons is considered a heart friendly fruit. It is also proofed very helpful in treating hypokalemic patient or those suffering from electrolyte imbalance such as after diarrhea.

• An efficient digestive aid:
Don’t forget to have persimmon treat after meal as it will help you to digest food properly. The fiber content present in one serving of persimmon fruit fulfills 20% of your daily requirements. Fiber adds bulk to your stool making it easier to pass thus relieves constipation even the chronic one.

• Get healthy vision:
Vitamin-A content of persimmons is ideal to maintain eye health especially in Younger and older ones. A regular deal of this fruit will help cure eye infections, macular degeneration and cataracts.

• Want to lose weight? Eat persimmons:
Its high fiber and low calorie content along with a combination of health essential nutrients make it ideal for ones suffering from obesity and overweight.

• A natural immune booster:
High nutritive foods are known to boost immunity levels which make one less prone to infections. Persimmons fall among the range of highly nutritive foods and thus support a healthy lifestyle free of disease.