Alcohol Is More Harmful Than Any Other Drug


Alcohol abuse is classified as the most common type of addiction found among Americans. Due to lack of awareness people consider it less harmful however reality is opposite to it. According to a recent research alcohol abuse is being proofed more dangerous to human health than any other drug. All researchers agreed at one point that alcohol addiction not only spoils the health of its addict but also poses negative effect on society.

Chronic use of alcohol show serious health consequences but these results are not shocking as medical science has already been proved the use of alcohol as a risk factor for more than 60 different diseases. Apart from this alcohol also cause numerous unrevealed side effects.

Side effects of Alcohol on Health:
Those individuals who are addicted to alcohol suffers from three different type of side effects.
1. Physical side effects.
2. Psychological side effects.
3. Social & sexual side effects.

Physical side effects:

Liver is the major organ required for proper functioning of human body. Metabolism of alcohol also takes place in liver that’s why liver is more prone to its side effects which include Fatty Liver, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis (Liver cancer) & many more. Usually these maladies cannot recover properly and result in compromised liver function. A compromised liver will in turn lead to ascites (water retention in lower abdomen), increase concentration of bilirubin and toxins accumulation.

Frequent use of alcohol cause the muscles of heart to be weekend which in medical term is called cardiomyopathy. Apart from this, irregular heartbeat, hypertension and pancreatic disorders are some other outcomes of alcohol abuse leading to cardiovascular diseases.

Gastric issues:
Alcohol causes a vast disturbance of digestive tract. Starting by the way to mouth and leading to esophagus alcohol destroys the mucous membrane and thus causing digestive issues. After its action on mucous membrane it attacks on the digestive enzymes causing harm to the natural protective layer present on pancreas and stomach which results into gastric ulcers.

Addiction to alcohol doubles one chance for obesity because of uncontrolled action of gastrointestinal tract. Obesity is thought to be the root cause for certain diseases like diabetes, hypertension, ischemic heart disease etc.

The major role of kidney is to filter unwanted toxins from blood but again alcohol disrupt its action which results in elevated levels of urea, uric acid and even kidney failure.

Physiologic side effects:
People who are addicted to alcohol suffer more from depression, anxiety, nervousness and remained frightened which enhances their chance to get mental disorders as compared to a normal man. An increase trend toward suicide is also noticed among such people.
Brain cells starts dying due to alcohol and cause dementia and epilepsy in early adulthood. Dementia result in lack of concentration to perform regular activities thus compromise quality of life.

Social & sexual side effects:
Regular use of alcohol doubles ones risk to die in an accident. Such people suffer from social and economic crises. They are responsible for depriving themselves from the cherish moments of life.
There found a common misconception that alcohol boost sexual desire but in fact it is totally wrong as it weakens sexual organs. There is no connection between sexual boost and alcohol intake so be aware and go for healthy choices.