7 Health Benefits Of Analgesic Root Essential Oil


Analgesic root essential oil is being used since primitive times for therapeutic purposes with striking results. It has earned this repute through its versatile range of healing potentials. Being a cheap and reliable way of staying healthy it poses no side effects to human body. It is known as a treasure of functional compounds such as myrcene, terpineol, bornyl acetate, limonene, cryptone, camphene and many more.
Health benefits associated with analgesic essential oil are accreditingto it action as:
• Carminative (relives flatulence).
• Nerve & muscle relaxant.
• A digestive aid.
• Diuretic (increase urination).
• Detoxifier.
• Increase perspiration.
• A regulator for menstrual cycle.
• Congestion reliever.
• A blood purifier.
• An immune booster.
• Mind relaxant.

Health Benefits Associated With Analgesic Essential Oil:

Say No to undesirable farts:
If so happened that you have to attend a friend’s party and also you are suffering from indigestion then don’t be so worried as analgesic root essential oil is there to serve you because of its role as carminative which helps you in getting relief from flatulence.

Maintains irregular menstruation:
Obstructive menstruation (emmenagogue) is a common issue found among many females of reproductive age but thanks to analgesic essential root oil for its dedication to cure this anarchy. Not only it causes regularity in your menstrual cycle but also ease the discomfort associated with it. To get this benefit you have to massage 4-5 drops of analgesic oil along with 2-3 drops of olive oil in your lower abdomen for 15 days.

Give went to your depression:
Up and downs are the part of life as where there is happiness there is woe so if you are suffering from any sort of depression and could not sleep properly then give a chance to analgesic root essential oil to get relieve from this displeasure. What you need to do is to just put few drops of this precious oil on your pillow and blanket before going to bed and see the magic.

Cause active digestion & heal ulcers:
This essential oil of analgesic root aids in digestion and absorption of food by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes even evidence of its use was found in ancient Chinese tradition to cure many gastric related issues. Apart from this, it is also used to heal tired stomach ulcer. For this you just have to inhale the bitter aroma of analgesic oil or massage in at your abdomen by mixing it with sesame oil.

Treat cough, congestion & respiratory infections:
Having natural healing powers analgesic root essential oil is capable of treating mild to chronic cough, cold, sinusitis, breathing issues, asthma, bronchitis, nasal blockage, running nose and any related respiratory disorder. Take 3 glasses of fresh water and boil it then add 4-5 drops of analgesic oil and 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil now inhale this solution for 5-10 minutes. You will see a clear difference from first try. One can also massage it on by mixing it with coconut oil; this tip will help relieve congestion and blockage.

A mood booster during pregnancy:
During pregnancy, a woman passes through mood swings which sometime cause displeasure to her. Again here we can use analgesic oil to sort it out due to its relaxant property. Aroma therapy of this oil will boost your mood and make you feel happy.

Get rid of muscular fatigue & nervine:
Once again this property is owed to the relaxant nature of analgesic root essential oil which soothes muscle soreness, inflammation and even can treat nerve afflictions in case of shock or trauma. Massage your painful inflamed areas with a mixture of analgesic oil, John’s Worts oil and coconut oil in a ratio of 2-3 drops for 10-15 days can result in excellent relief.