Get Genital Warts Disappear With Simple Home Remedies

genital warts

Now-a-days a commonly seeing issue among adult generation is genital warts which affect almost everyone at least once in their lives especially women are in peril by it. According to an estimate, half of the sexually active population around the globe is suffering from this hardship. It is a viral malady and is caused by contamination with an abrasive virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which is the most common known source of Sexually Transmitted diseases (STDs). Infection caused by this viral attack can result in the formation of warts which are small projections from skin. A wart can be a single bump or a group of them which give broccoli like appearance.

Anus, vagina, vulva and shafts of penis are more prone to be infected. However, a person may be infected by HPV with or without symptoms but the commonly noticed symptoms includes:
• Small protrusions from genital organs.
• Unpleasant itching.
• Sticky discharge on rubbing these warts.
• Bleeding after sexual intercourse.

Risk Factors for Genital Warts:
• Anal or oral sex with an infected person can cause genital warts.
• Sex with more than one partner accounts as major risk factors.
• Sex without using any protection.
• Contaminated bed sheets and fomites can infect a person with HPV.
• Presence of any other sexually transmitted disease increases the risk of person for genital warts.

Home remedies which disappears Genital Warts:

Although vaccination is available against Human papilloma Virus (HPV) but if you forget to get vaccinated and get those warts still solutions are available to relieve them:

• Use tea tree oil & get rid of prickling:
Tea tree oil is known anciently for its healing properties as it has anti-microbial properties to cure infections. The particular itching and prickling associated with genital warts can be simply minimized by following ways:
1. Put 6-7 drops of tea tree oil in the bath tub and soak in it for 15-20 minutes, repeat the procedure regularly for a month.
2. Take one tea spoon of almond oil and add 4-5 drops of tea tree oil in it, mix well. Apply this mixture thrice a day.

• Get genital warts removed with witch hazel:
Witch hazel has proofed a miracle herb for removing stubborn warts from genital organs. This boon is owed to the corroding nature of this herb which makes the warts stale and ultimately fall them off by blocking blood supply to these undesirable protrusions. Take pure distilled hazel witch and apply it twice a week for 20 minutes, repeat this procedure until you get desired results.

• Make your warts fall off with castor oil:
Castor oil is laden with a variety of functional compounds which can relieve genital warts in a short while so to get this benefit take two cloves of garlic and make a paste by adding one table spoon of castor oil in it. Now apply this paste on affected area and cover it with a bandage. Left it overnight and wash it the next day. Repeat the procedure until theses warts fall off.

• An ancient remedy to completely remove warts:
The combination of onion and garlic make a strong anti-septic having the ability to combat the viral infection caused by HPV, it is an ancient remedy to remove these undesirable warts completely.
Take a medium sized onion and marinate it overnight with a table spoon of salt. Blend it next day by adding 3-4 cloves of garlic. Apply this juicy mixture regularly with the help of a cotton swab. Repeat the procedure 4 times a week.

• Use grape fruit seed extract to keep genital warts at bay:
Having potent anti-oxidant activity, the grape fruit seed extract can kill the infectious agent and boost immunity levels at the same side due to its rich content of vitamin-C & E. In order to get these tacky warts removed put 1-2 drops of grape fruit seed extract and cover it with a bandage. Repeat this remedy twice a day and continue till your warts become white and eventually fall off.

• Does potato can cure genital warts:
There found a little controversy that does potato can be used as a remedy to cure genital warts? According to many health experts, the unique ratio and versatile enzymatic activity found in potatoes does the role in removing genitals warts. For this purpose you need 2—3 slices of potato which you have to blend with one tea spoon of olive oil. Apply this paste thrice a week and you will see the definite results in a short while.

Other ingredients which can also be used to treat genital warts are as follow:
• Cod liver oil.
• Lemon juice.
• Dandelion herb.
• Aloe Vera gel.
• Oregano oil.
• Vitamin-E.
• Paste of banana peel.