Health Facts About Turkey


                           What’s healthy in turkey???
Turkey is one of the best sources of meat which yield so many health benefits to our body if eaten in a healthy manner. Although its sandwiches are popular all over the world but the people of U.S are fonder of it also it is the larger producer of turkey with 2.5 million productions per year.
Moving toward the health benefits of turkey which includes cholesterol maintenance, muscle building, mood relaxer, regulate blood sugar levels, boost immune system, treats insomnia, good for weight loss, repair cell or tissue damage, retains the integrity of bones and teeth, aids in digestion and absorption, promotes brain development of fetus during pregnancy, averts anemia and prevents cancer to some extent.

Nutritional breakdown of turkey:
It is a highly recommended high protein and low fat food. Roughly 3ounce or one serving of turkey breast provides you with only 125 calories, 3gram fats and 26grams of proteins. However the dark portion of its meat covers a little more calories and fats. It also has plenty of vitamins and minerals which are vital to a healthy living.
Vitamins: Its meat contains many noble vitamins like vitamin-B6, B12, niacin, pantothenic acid and riboflavin.
Minerals: Many bodily functions are dependent on certain minerals and luckily most of them are present in it in appropriate proportion. These include selenium, zinc, phosphorus, iron and potassium.

• Good for bodybuilding:
Muscles are mainly composed of protein blocks so in order to build healthy muscles one should concentrate on high protein foods. Fortunately, it is a highly known protein item which has a combination of carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals which not only fulfill the daily requirements for proteins but also prevent post workout fatigue and keep you energetic all day long.

• Safe for diabetics:
It doesn’t cause a sudden boost to blood sugar levels thus considered safe for diabetics but portion size should be managed according personal preferences.

• Cures insomnia & manage mood swings:
It has the wealth of a well-known amino acid called tryptophan which is utilized by the brain to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter which controls sleep cycle and mood swings so turkey consumption helps those suffering from insomnia and cause a soothing effect on their mind.

• Reduce the risk for neural tube defects:
It is well reputed because of its vitamins storage especially for vitamin-B12 or folic acid which is required before and during pregnancy to combat the risk of neural tube defects in infants. Remember only turkey breast is recommended for pregnant women.

• Weight loos:
High protein content of turkey makes it perfect for weight loos purposes. Protein requires much time to digest which keeps you satiate for long so that you will be less likely to stuff yourself in useless eating.

• Prevent cancer:
Selenium in turkey has an anti-oxidant role which fights off free radicals contributing to cancer cells production. It also keeps your immune system up-to-date thus support good health.

Some cons about turkey:

Turkey with skin can cause weight gain because there is high content of fat in it, even a small piece can supply you more than 80 calories.
Patients with gout or other inflammatory conditions should avoid turkey as it is high in purines.
Pregnant female should only consume turkey breast and not the dark meat of it because deli meats are restricted during pregnancy.