Why Omega-3 Is Healthy ? Top 10 Sources Of Omega-3


Like other nutrients, fats also play a vital role in proper functioning of human body. Fats are categorized into various groups but omega-3s are deliberated the healthiest of all. This group is deemed to be ”essential” because our body is unable to make its own therefore we relay of omega-3 rich foods to fulfill body’s requirement of this beneficial compound.

Basically, omega3s are of three types:
1. ALA alpha-linolenic acid.
2. DHA docosahexaenoic acid.
3. EPA eicosapentaenoic acid.
DHA and EPA are the most preferred and their well-known dietary source is seafood like salmon and sardines. ALA on the other hand is found in plant food source including nuts, seeds and also in exclusively grass-fed animals.

Daily Recommendation for Omega-3s:
Regarding the body needs and health concerns, I recommend taking both natural food sources and supplementation of omega-3 with at least 1000mg coming from DHA/EPA and about total intake of 4000mg per day coming from total omega3s.

Why DHA/EPA better than ALA?
However ALA is not as efficient as DHA and EPA from natural food sources still it is thought to be crucialas our body can convert this fatty acid into DHA/EPA to some extent. Yet it is not cleared how well ALA performs in body but health authorities encourage adding all types of omega3s into regular diet.
People with diet high in omega-3 are less prone to cardiovascular diseases and live longer than those who take a diet low in it. The Okinawa Diet (omega-3 rich diet) of Japanese is the best example and also the reason why Japanese live linger.

Dangers of Omega-3 Deficiency:
Omega-3s are attributed to shield your heart thus reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is in fact due to their anti-inflammatory stuffs that reduce cell damage. Apart from this, these ”good fats” are also obligatory to accomplish certain neurological action and hormonal balance.

Some adverse outcomes of omeg-3 deficiency are as follow:
• Inflammatory diseases like arthritis.
• Altered blood lipid profile including high cholesterol.
• Increased risk for heart diseases.
• Upset gastrointestinal health.
• Depression.
• Compromised cognitive health.
• Bone and joint pain.

Top 10 Sources Of Omega-3 :

Here is the list of top 10 dietary sources of omega-3 with high bio-availability.
• Walnuts.
• Chia seeds.
• Egg yolk.
• Cod liver oil.
• White fish
• Salmon.
• Spirulina.
• Tuna.
• Tofu.
• Grass-fed animal cuts.