7 Healthy Jobs Of Pumpkin Seeds


Pumpkin seeds are tiny packets of nutrients with a huge burst of health benefits. These silent health champions are easy to carry in pocket to cherish the respected health comforts. Regular consumption is associated with higher level of immunity and improved metabolic functions.The range of nutrients and related health perks are so versatile that it is challenging to cover in single article. So, of all my knowledge regarding pumpkin seed nutrition am presenting here with the basic ones.

Nutrition profile:
In this world of highly acidic diets, pumpkin seeds serve you the best option for alkaline foods. One ounce of pumpkin seeds will give you 150 calories with the following contribution from macronutrients& major micronutrients:
• 5g carbohydrates.
• 7g protein.
• 18g fats.
• Magnesium 37% DV.
• Iron 23% of DV.
• Zinc 14% DV.
• Vitamin-K 18 DV.
Moreover, they also provide good source of potassium, calcium, vitamin-B complex and healthy fats (PUFAs).

Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds:

• Makes you feel good & enjoy sound sleep:
Pumpkin seeds have the wealth of tryptophan—an amino acid also known as ‘’mood booster’’ that is converted to serotonin and niacin thus help in fighting depression, treating insomnia and other anxiety issues.

• Maintain healthy prostate & reduce risk for prostate cancer:
The synergetic effect of phytosterol, zinc and lignans help improve prostate health and resist prostate cancer.Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds can produce therapeutic effects in benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and provide symptomatic relief.

• Can be preventive against osteoporosis:
Osteoporosis is widespread all around the world but Health experts believe that proper intake of certain nutrients (calcium, vitamin-D & zinc) lowers the risk by 10%. Many researches also correlate the link between low zinc status and high risk of osteoporosis. Fortunately, pumpkin seed are rich in zinc and capable of supporting bone health.

• Healthy excretory system:
Pumpkin seeds especially—extracted oil can help with urinary disorders especially overactive bladder and treats it efficiently.

• Treat hair loss in men:
Hormonal imbalance specifically of androgen and di-hydroxy testosterone can result in severe hair loss or baldness in men. To cure this hair loss, pumpkin seed oil seems a best remedy with amazing result.

• Good for atherosclerosis & fatty liver disease:
In case of inflammatory diseases like atherosclerosis and fatty liver disease, an alternative therapy of saturated fats from unsaturated fats is deemed to be ideal. Pumpkin seeds are among the category of good anti-inflammatory foods and show effective recovery.

• Rich source of magnesium:
80 % of the U.S population suffers from hidden magnesium deficiency. This deficiency can be easily tackled by introducing magnesium rich foods in diet. Pumpkin seeds contain a good ratio of magnesium and can help with many other health issues as well:
• Regulates blood sugar level.
• Helps to manage hypertension.
• Support bone health.
• Keeps heart healthy.