Are You Suffering From Gout? Include These Foods In Your Diet For A Good Relief


The yes food for Gout patients:
These foods contain least amount of purines and can be taken on regular basis:
• White bread and crackers.
• Butter/ margarine.
• Bakery products.
• Fizzy drinks.
• Cereals, porridge.
• Cheese, coffee, chocolates and eggs.
• Custard, fats, fruits and gelatin desserts.
• Herbs, milk and nuts.
• Olives, pasta, pudding and rice.
• Sugar and sweets.
• Tea, ice cream, noodles and pickles.
• Popcorns, relishes and salt.
• Vegetables except those mentioned under the first heading.
• Vinegar.

Foods to avoid in Gout:
Avoid the food which contains high purine content. Following are the foods containing maximum purines per serving.
• Consomme (a type of soup made from bouillon).
• Gravy.
• Anchovies (a type of fish).
• Herring (a type of fish).
• Mackerel (a type of fish).
• Goose meat.
• Organ meat such as brain, heart kidney and muscles.
• Meat extracts.
• Mincemeat.
• Roe (sea food).
• Sardines (a type of fish).
• Yeast.

The may be and in moderation foods with moderate purine content:
Only 1 serving of such foods is allowed per day.
• Asparagus (spring vegetables).
• Lentils.
• Dried beans.
• Meat, fish and poultry.
• Dried peas.
• Mushrooms.
• Spinach.
• Shellfish.
Try to indulge the yes foods in your daily meal.This can proof to be a great effort in preventing ‘Gout’.