7 Effective Home Remedies For Vaginal Yeast Infection

Vaginal Yeast Infection
Vaginal Yeast Infection

According to a recent report the number of females suffering from vaginal yeast infection is increasing tremendously. Also known as vaginitis, it effects up to 80% of all females at some point in their life. The major culprit identified for this fungal infection is a group of yeast called Candida albicans. Actually yeast is always present in vaginal area but minute innocuous quantity. At the same time some beneficial bacteria also reside there which retard the growth of unwanted organisms like yeast by maintaining the natural PH of vagina.
Yeast infection takes place in vagina when its growth go out of control and unfortunately there are many factors which contributes to its growth without letting us know. These factors can be:
• Excessive use of antibiotics and steroids.
• Any exposure to sexually transmitted infection.
• Presence of any chronic disorders.
• Pregnancy.
• Uncontrolled diabetes.
• Increase use of contraceptives.
• Stress and depression.
• Unhygienic conditions.

Moreover, menopause can also be an initiating factor for vaginal yeast infection as estrogen levels starts declining after it and the vaginal walls become narrow which provides a favorable environment for yeast survival.

Vaginitis is an agonizing condition characterized by tingling and burning sensation around vagina. A viscous vaginal discharge with a peculiar odor is also noticed among females suffering from this infection. Such females go through painful episodes during sexual intercourse.

No hard and fast efforts are needed to maintain vaginal health just a little care is enough to cure this infection. Below are given some tips which you can try at home easily and I guarantee you for positive results.

Use probiotics for healthy vaginal environment:

To revive the PH of vagina it is necessary to have adequate quantity of beneficial bacteria. Probiotics can serve the purpose to repopulate vaginal healthy bacteria. Luckily yogurt is enriched with all those probiotics that are present in a normal healthy vagina. What you need to do is to have half cup of naturally prepared yoghurt in the morning and half cup in the evening regularly for 15 days. Many pharmaceutical industries have a probiotic capsule which you can put deep into vagina throughout the night. Repeat this procedure at least for 3 weeks this will drop the rate of infection by 90% and ultimately you get rid of it.

Boric acid can cure yeast infection:

Just like boric acid has the potential to clean off cockroaches same as boric acid can cure vaginal yeast infection due to is capability of being a antimicrobial and fungicidal but wait if you are pregnant then skip this remedy and go for the next. It works only for non-pregnant females with no side effects. Firstly take 1Tbspn of boric acid and dilute it with 2Tbspn of water. Now apply this solution properly around vagina, leave it for 10 minutes and rinse off with Luke warm water. Do it thrice a week.

Garlic ”A strong fungicidal”

It is said that if garlic has no bad odor then it can be sold at the price of gold. Garlic is highly reputed for it fungicidal properties. It can fight fungal infections in an amazing way. Apart from being potent fungicide garlic can also act as an antibiotic thus can treat infection in a short time.
One can apply fresh paste of garlic onto the affected area or can massage garlic essential oil both will serve the same purpose of combating infection.
However oral intake of raw garlic is associated with bad breath but if it is taken regularly then the results are stunning as it can beat any type of microbial infection.

Cranberries provide a great deal to overcome yeast infection:

Nature has provided cranberries with such healing powers that made it more than a fruit. This wonder fruit has revolutionizing antimicrobial and antiseptic impact on human health. Having a variety of nutrients it also upgrades immunity thus making one more protective against infections.
Have a glass of fresh cranberry juice in your breakfast as it will help you fighting yeast infection.

Try Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar can work for you in treating vaginal yeast infection due to presence of some functionally active compounds in it. An easy way is to have a hot water bath by adding 4Tbspn of apple cider vinegar in it. Additionally you can also apply it on the desired area by diluting it with water and leaving it for half an hour. Many patients have shown instant recovery by acting upon this remedy.

Tea tree oil is proven best for vaginal yeast infection:

Tea tree oil is a God gifted anti-mycotic agent that works actively against yeast infection but it is not recommended for pregnant females as it can cause a little harm to fetus health. Females other than pregnant ones can feel free to use tea tree oil without any side effect. Dilute 1Tbspn of tea tree oil with 1tspn of olive oil now soak a cotton swab into this mixture and apply it properly inside and outside of the vagina. Leave for 6 hours and rinse off properly.

Keep hygienic environment:

A neat and clean vaginal environment is ideal to vaginal health. Narrow and damp vaginal atmosphere facilitates the growth of yeast inside vaginal walls. So wash and dry your vaginal area regularly and stick to the habit of wearing loose clothes.