8 Super Powers Of Yogurt


Organic yogurt is a white colored creamy textured dairy product made by the well-known process of fermentation. Today, it is the most loved and vastly consumed fermented product in the United States. Yogurt has the repute of super food due the balanced proportion of protein, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals. Also packed with many probiotics, it is the finest source to take in healthy bacteria that support immune system.

In order to maximize the health benefits of yoghurt, organic yogurt made from exclusively grass fed animals is preferred. It ensures high availability of whey protein (the good protein in yoghurt), omega-3s, magnesium, potassium, calcium, digestive enzymes and gut healthy bugs. Among all the available yogurts, the one prepared from traditional cow’s milk is very popular.

The history of yogurt lies back over 6,500 years in Central America where it was first introduce as reliable approach to preserve milk but now it is being consumed all around the Globe.
The process of making yogurt starts from milk pasteurization then a starter culture of lactobacillus bulgaricus or streptococcus thermophilus is added and allows it to ferment for several hours to get good quality yoghurt.

Nutritional Profile of Yogurt:

One standard cup of yogurt gives 149 calories, 8.5g of proteins, 5.1g of saturated fats that include PUFAs and MUFAs with addition of 66.2MGomega3s as well. This is all about the macronutrient profile however if we peep into its micronutrient profile, the results are astonishing:
One cup is equal to:
• Calcium 296MG or 30% DV.
• Magnesium 29MG or 7%DV.
• Phosphorus 233MG or 23%DV.
• Potassium 380MG or 11%DV.
• Zinc 1.4Mg or 10%Dv.
• Vitamin-B12 0.9Mg or 15% DV.
• Riboflavin 0.3Mg or 20% DV.

Health Benefits of Yogurt:

1. Support Gut Health & suitable in lactose intolerant:
A properly working digestive system yields a healthy body. The most important thing in digestive tract is normal micro-flora that is flourished by probiotics. Yoghurt contain high ratio of probiotic thus able to promote healthy gut. It also soothes many gastrointestinal disorders including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), colon cancer, diarrhea and constipation. People suffering from lactose intolerance can also get symptomatic relief using organic yogurt.

2. Minimize the chances for colorectal cancer:
In a study done by International Journal of Cancer, it was concluded that people who regularly consume yogurt are less prone to colorectal cancer. This is due to the syndicate action of probiotics and gut flora that excrete harmful cancer causing agents and keep digestive tract clear.

3. Strengthen bones and reduce risk for osteoporosis:
The prevalence of osteoporosis is still increasing all over the world with the risk being high among females above age 40. Health Experts state that ‘’a balanced diet is necessary to support bone health and preventing osteoporosis with adequate intake of two micronutrients Calcium and Vitamin-D’’. Luckily, yogurt is cheap and high in calcium. Although some brands fortify their yogurt with appropriate amount of vitamin-D but there is no need of fortification in organic yogurt as it is prepared from grass-fed animal.

4. Shed some extra pounds with yogurt:
If you want to shed some extra fat from waistline or belly region then yogurt provide you the best option. A Study conducted in University of Tennessee ends to the point that people who regularly consume 3-6 ounce of yoghurt for 3 months show effective weight loss and burnt some extra fat.

5. Cuts bad cholesterol:
Regular consumption of yogurt has the potential to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 10 percent. A study conducted to analyze the efficiency of yogurt revealed that daily intake of 6 ounce yogurt controls LDL level (bad cholesterol) and promote HDL (good cholesterol) in serum.

6. Encounters the side-effect of antibiotics:
However, antibiotic therapy is essential to get rid of infections caused by microorganisms but they also produce some side-effects on the same side. While killing infectious agents, antibiotic also kill some beneficial bacteria in our body as they are unable to discriminate between them. Probiotic rich foods like yogurt encounter these side-effects repopulate the body with gut healthy bacteria.

7. Treats anxiety & emotional distress:
A healthy gut is directly proportional to good mood. A research conducted on women at UCLA’s Gail and Gerald Oppenheimer Family Center for Neurobiology of Stress suggests that women who regularly consume probiotic rich food as yoghurt show much patience and control as compared to those with least consumption of such foods.

8. Stay off dental carries:
The lactic acid present in yogurt protects erosion of tooth enamel and yield healthy gums. It is also stated that people who have two servings of yogurt per day are less prone to periodontal infections so go for it.

9. Best snack after workout:
The perfect combination of protein to carbs is what make yoghurt best snack after workout. The protein provides unique blend of amino acids that repairs muscle damage and carbs rebuild energy stores. According to Nutritionists, the best time to have yoghurt is within 60minutes after exercise and it should be combined with water to compensate hydration.