7 Quick Fix To Whiten Dark Pubic Area

dark pubic area

Dark pubic area always remain a source of discomfort for females as it restrains them from wearing their favorite outfits, cause social complex and mess up their intimate moments. Natural beauty has been the jewel for women since primitive time that they might compromise for luxuries but not for their beauty. To look beautiful is the congenital right of each woman but the dilemma of dark area between legs can cause an issue.
There can be multiple factors which cause the pubic area to turn dark despite of the bright complexion of other body parts, among these factors genital factor is on the top of list however other modifiable factors are listed below:

• Excessive sweating in thigh region.
• Frequent use of chemical containing hair removal creams.
• Unhygienic conditions which increases the chances of getting infections.
• Wearing polyester underwear which hinders ventilation.
• Frequent shaving of pubic area.
• Increase use of substandard deodorants.
• Having bulky mass in thighs or being obese.

Easy way to whiten dark pubic area:

The waiting period is about to end because man has discovered the hidden secrets of nature, there are many natural ingredients with lightening agents that are capable of reviving the lost complexion of skin. Here are given some home remedies which definitely work wonder.

This fruit provide you an extra ordinary approach to fairer skin; it is due to the presence of a unique enzyme called papain which has skin lightening properties. Take some pulp from a well ripped papaya and massage it around your bikini area and leave for 25 minutes. Repeat it for 15 days and see the difference.

Almond oil & lemon:
When the vitamin-E and the moisturizing properties of almond oil combine with the higher vitamin-C content of lemon, a skin healthy tonic is formed which is amazing for removing dark patches around vagina or between thighs. Take 1Tbspn of almond oil and mix it with 1tbspn of lemon juice, rub this mixture upon the affected area and repeat the procedure until you get the desired results.

Red tomato bright skin!
Sometimes the color of our entire body mismatches our bikini area but wait don’t be panic tomato will do a great job for you. Take out some fresh pulp of tomato and massage it onto the dark areas leave for 30 minutes and rinse off.

Gram floor with honey:
An ancient remedy followed by our grandparents to enhance their beauty is the use of gram floor with honey. If you want your inner thigh area to be fair without the use of harsh whitening cream then this remedy is what you are looking for. Add 1tspn of honey in 1Tspn of gram floor and apply this paste on the bikini area and let it dry. Rinse off properly after 15 minutes and repeat it for 20 days.

Aloe Vera gel:
Being used since primitive times Aloe Vera is thought to be a natural skin repairer with skin lightening properties. It is efficient enough to rejuvenate the damaged skin in a short period of time. Take some Aloe Vera pulp and apply it gently on the desired area. Rinse off after half an hour and you can see a clear difference in a couple of days.

Magic of sandalwood with rose water:
Both of these ingredients are natural skin healers and skin lightening agents. Make a paste by adding 2tbspn of sandalwood ground powder in 1Tbspn of rose water, apply it regularly and get your pubic are fairer and brighter.

Exfoliating with a natural scrub:
Exfoliation of dead skin cells is a crucial step to fair and healthy skin. Gently rub your pubic area with a natural scrub made from sugar, honey and crushed walnuts. Repeat it thrice a week and get luminous and radiant skin.