What dietary changes you need, to reduce acne?

What dietary changes you need, to reduce acne
What dietary changes you need, to reduce acne

What is acne?

Acne is a condition that arises due to inflammation of the sebaceous glands, which mostly affects the skin of face, mainly of teenagers, but it can affect people of all ages.

What causes acne?

It is a multi factorial condition; the reasons are different for different people. However, most significant causes are genetics, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle factors, and blockage of skin cell pores due to inflammation, infection and dead skin. Stress and diet may not initiate it, but they surely worsen the existing one.

Listed below are some dietary culprits, which you need to cut down, to have a pimple free lovely face.

What dietary changes you need, to reduce acne?

  • You need to avoid refined food products, they increase insulin levels and increase the production of insulin- like growth factor1 (IGF-1) which can boost sebum production.
  • Consume dairy products in moderation because amino acids present in milk can affect skin, they also can stimulate the production of IGF-1.
  • A big no-no to any food rich in saturated fat, trans fat and refined carbohydrates. They cause hormonal imbalance and inflammation, which leads to acne breakouts. If you have complaints of acne then better stay away from fast-food and fried foods.
  • Large quantities of good fat containing foods may also be harmful, have them in moderate amount.
  • Meat of animals that are given growth hormones can also cause problems. Remember more organic, more safer.
  • Canned food contains additives and preservatives which can prove allergic to someone‚Äôs skin.
  • Having caffeinated beverages alters cortisol level in your body, which can also contribute to acne.
  • Carbonated drinks, sweetened juices, energy drinks are loaded with sugars, these culprits worsen the condition too.