Health Outcomes Of Menopause And Their Management


During menopausal transition, there is a great hormone shift which may disturb the physical and mental behavior of a female. A women passing through menopause can face unusual changes like:

  1. Weak memory.
  2. Loss of appetite.
  3. Anxiety.
  4. Weight gain.
  5. Aggressiveness.
  6. Nervousness.
  7. Depression.
  8. Women at this stage are more prone to osteoporosis and other bone problems.
  9. Increase risk of breast cancer is also there.

Management & Preventive Measures Of Menopause:
By showing a little concern, a woman can easily overcome such distractions. She should adapt some preventive measures that ensures a good well-being. Following article will provide you a comprehensive guide that assists you in combating all those unusual changes which if remain untreated will result in severe complications.

Bone Health:
Once a women exceed 40’s she enters a new transitional phase which experts called as menopausal phase. Calcium stores starts declining at this stage of life and makes a women more prone to bone maladies. Osteoporosis is now the leading bone ailments especially among females either due to the deficiency of calcium or vitamin-D so experts exerts stress to get some sunlight once or twice a week at least for 15-30 minutes. Sunlight being a good source of vitamin-D helps in enhancing the absorption of calcium from diet therefore maintain healthy bones and joints. A balanced diet contain ample sources of calcium that must fulfill daily requirements of calcium which is 1000-1200 mg/day. Regular bone health examination is compulsive at this stage of life so that any present risk can be detected and manage within time.

Healthy Eating & Weight Management:
Go for a healthy balanced diet, start introducing yourself with fruits & vegetables then gradually cut the habit of eating processed and fried foods. Milk, nuts, legumes, seeds, whole grains and products made from it all provides you a healthy options for your menu. Additionally, regular 30-40 minutes of moderate physical activity is just what you need to stay active and alert.

Smoking & Alcohol Abuse:
If you are habitual to smoking then you are absolutely in danger zone as smoking is an evil which destroys your bones and lungs ultimately.

Heart Diseases:
Check for your cholesterol levels on regular intervals as at this stage of life there is estrogen withdrawal which increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in females.

Breast Cancer:
Go for a mammogram regularly especially if you have any family history.