Is your salad really healthy?

Is your salad really healthy
Is your salad really healthy

When someone says ‘salad’, you instantly build an image in your mind of a healthy food bowl;  full of fruits, vegetables and other greens Well, I today, will burst that imagination balloon of yours and put a light on the most ignorant realities about your salad bowl, which can very easily make a healthy salad, the most unhealthy one.

Have you ever wonder, why you’re not getting the claimed health benefits of salads? Are you sure you’re not cheating on it? Aren’t you fooling yourself by claiming it as healthy one? Do you actually know what healthy salad is?

Having salads loaded with fatty salad dressings like, mayo or cream, added with cheese, fried meat, sugary syrups and processed food with some beans and vegetables is not what we call as ‘healthy’. But this is undoubtedly what restaurants serve us in their menus.

To be sure about your salad, best way is to make it by yourself, even at restaurants go yourself to a salad bar and make your own healthy bowl. For example, choose beans, lentils, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, lean cuts of meat/fish, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, you can drizzle lemon, apple cider vinegar or olive oil but even with healthy varieties, portion size is the key.

Points to ponder:

Consider these, whenever placing an order for salad.

  • Fancy salad dressings:

Restaurants often serve salads that are dipped in salad dressings, made of sugary syrups and unhealthy fats. Always ask a server to serve these dressings separately, so you can have just a bit of it and best is to ask them not to add it at all, so you can avoid it completely.

  • Know what you are eating:

Always enquire properly about your food. Ask questions like, food item used is fresh or processed, fried or baked, are they adding any caramelized or salted nuts?

  • Portion size is the key:

Even when you are having an unhealthy food because you are too obsessed with the taste, then go for small portion size, so that they can pose no notable health risk.

  • Say yes to fresh:

Avoid canned food items. Salads may look healthy to you but because ingredients added in it might not be fresh, it will provide minimal nutritional benefits to you.

  • Moderation in healthy items:

Moderation, even in healthy food is also important, you can have small portion of nuts, but don’t overdo it, having cup full of nuts would shift the graph towards negative.

  • Fill plate with colors:

Opt for a salad that offers variety of health friendly foods in 1 bowl. More colorful more healthy.

  • Enquire for cooking method:

Be very careful with healthy foods too. Mostly, cooking methods spoil the healthy benefits we can have otherwise.