7 Natural Alternatives To Sugar That Are Healthy


We all suffers from a sweet weakness that is ”sugar”. Yes! It’s a fact men crave for sugary things from the start of time. In this long journey sugar has failed to earn a well repute that many people dub it ”poisonous”. Despite of this status sugar is still the all-time companion of us. From bagel to simple breakfast cereals every food item is masked with sugar. The hidden sugar is much more alarming because you are having it unintentionally.

Sugar is deprived of nutrients thus requires vitamins and minerals to get metabolized in the body. In order to fulfill this purpose sugar utilizes the body stores of nutrients rendering it deficient. This leaves you lethargic and craving more energy.

Although it is the culprit behind many chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity but no one is ready to abandon it. The market of artificial sweeteners is also crowning. People deemed saccharin, sucralose, aspartame, ACE-K as safe ignoring their side effects on health. The long-term use of these sweeteners is associated with cognitive impairment and insulin resistance.

It’s never too late! You can adapt yourself to natural sugar alternatives that are healthy too.

Some Healthy Sugar Alternatives:

1- Raw Organic honey:
Honey is loaded with so many nutrients (iron, calcium, potassium, riboflavin, zinc, niacin) enzymes and antioxidants. The power of antioxidant reduces damage caused by free radicals while boosting immune system. With low glycemic load one tablespoon of raw hone only serves 65 calories that is a much sweet delight.

2- Maple syrup:
Maple syrup is another nutritious idea that is sweet. It is nutrient dense and calorie less with only 52 calories per tablespoon. The antioxidant boosters fight free radicals thus lowers the risk for obesity and diabetes.

3- Blackstrap molasses:
However blackstrap molasses is not much good in taste but is a treasure of vitamin and minerals. It serves a good alternate to white sugar especially in marinades and baking. One tablespoon is only 47 calories.

4- Stevia:
If you are thinking of shedding some extra pounds then don’t forget about stevia. Stevia is zero calories and zero carbs with no side effects. It is one of the ideal alternate to white sugar that has nothing nasty but all healthy.

5- Dates:
These little packets of nutrients are worth adding to desserts and breakfast cereals. Dates helps in digestion, improves anemia and lowers cholesterol. One serving of dates contain 50-65 calorie with enough fiber.

6- Coconut sugar:
The popularity of coconut is going high day by day. People love to use coconut milk, coconut water and other coconut rich ingredients. Now the trend is turning towards coconut sugar because of its low calories and low glycemic index. One tablespoon of coconut sugar gives only 45 calories.

7- Pure Fruit jam:
Fruits have natural sugar in it that is sweet enough to satisfy your craving. The key is to use home-made fruit jam instead of processed one. The calories range of fruit jam varies depending upon the fruit.