The Ultimate 7 days Tomato Diet To lose 3-7 lb


After the successful discussion on ”8 reasons to eat tomato everyday” now we are come up with some innovatory info about the benefits of tomatoes. These little packets of nutrients are worth to weight loss, reduce belly fat, loose waistline and shrinks figure. This diet plan is characterized by more tomatoes intake and less intake of other foods with some prohibitions. Although rapid weight loss is neither suggested nor it is healthy for human body thus WHO recommends weight loss of less than 10% of total body weight per six months to be safe. This type of dietary routine is much suitable for obese because weight loss is the first priority for survival.

Aiming to lose 3-7Ib a week, this diet has the following rules:
1- Use only fresh tomatoes and avoid the ones in tin pack.
2- Adapt methods of cooking other than frying like roasting and boiling.
3- Brush teeth twice daily because tomatoes contain some acidic contents that may decay your teeth.
4- Do not go for over consumption as excess of anything is bad.

Tomato Meal Plan:

Day 1
Breakfast: One brown bread with one tea spoon cream cheese + one medium sized apple.
Lunch:  Tomato salad (1 ½ cup tomatoes, 5oz cheddar cheese, 1teaspoon olive oil, spices of your choice).
Snacks: One medium sized orange.
Dinner: Two cup roasted tomato + three medium sized carrots + ½ cup corns

Day 2
Breakfast: Oats flakes + one cup fat-free yoghurt
Lunch: Sizzling tomato salad (2 cup raw tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives with one table spoon fresh lemon juice and spices of taste).
Snacks: One medium sized apple.
Dinner: One small piece of steamed chicken + tomato soup (Fry few onions, add 2 cup of tomato paste, cook slowly in 2 cup water, add black pepper and salt to taste and enjoy hot)

Day 3
Breakfast: 2 slice of brown bread with one teaspoon of honey on each.
Lunch: Tomato omelet with 2 eggs and handful of onions served with one slice of brown bread.
Snacks: One cup tomato juice + 2 bananas
Dinner: Stuff 2 tomatoes with cheddar cheese and rice. Add spice to taste. Roast for appropriate time and serve hot.

Day 4
Breakfast: One toast with thin slice of steamed chicken + one medium sized orange.
Lunch: 2 ½ cup of fresh fully ripped tomatoes + ½ cup bell pepper (roasted with black pepper and other spices of taste).
Snack: 2 slice sandwich stuffed with cheese and tomatoes (Avoid adding processed ketchup).
Dinner: 2 cup tomatoes + 1 palm sized piece of chicken.

Day 5
Breakfast: 1 pear + one glass of fresh tomato juice (don’t forget to exclude seeds)
Lunch: 1 cup lettuce tossed with 2 cup tomatoes and 1oz shredded cheese.
Snacks: 6-8 carrot sticks.
Dinner: Cook 1 cup potatoes + 1cup carrots and 1 cup tomatoes in 2 cup water on slow flame. Add spice to taste and serve hot.

Note: Repeat the first two days diet for Saturday and Sunday.