Unhealthy impacts of spending hours in front of screen


In today’s world, we cannot deny the importance of technology, especially, screen based devices. Gradually, they have been counted as a basic necessity of life. They have their notable role in almost every stage of life. Screen based devices include this laptop/tab/phone, you’re using right now. Like you, these screen based devices are daily used by folks for different purposes. For example, office persons utilize it for their regular office chores, school and university students use it as a source, through which they can have access to ever-growing information world. On the negative end, their overuse has hazardous health effects too.

Below are the major negative health impacts of extensive screen based activities:

  1. Meal skipping:

Mostly, people consciously skip their dinner or breakfast due to spending long hours on screen based activities. People usually end up working till late hours, due to which, they usually wake up at the 11th hour and don’t have time for breakfast. Skipping any of the major meals can lead to hazardous health problems in their future.

  1. Unhealthy snacking:

People prone to devote extensive hours to screen-centered hobbies/activities usually prefer convenient foods. They actually don’t want to go to the kitchen to make healthy food and some don’t choose to have food from home. Therefore, they make themselves dependent on unhealthy snacks like packaged foods, fizzy drinks, bakery food, fried food, fast food and many more.

  1. Sedentary life:

Screen addicted folks, are so much at ease with their laptops/phones/tabs. They don’t even want to go outside their room, to perform any outdoor activity. Even when in the house, they don’t want to leave their screens, for an exercise of an hour or two.

  1. Putting on weight:

Evidently, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits would result in an unhealthy weight gain.

  1. Disturbed sleep pattern:

Those who invest their time on screen dependent interests, turns out with disturbed sleep patterns; they usually go late to bed and have fewer hours of sleep, which is not an optimistic sign for their health.

  1. Drug abuse:

An obsessive internet user normally cuts-off from an outside world, becomes anti-social and consequently comes out to be a depressed lonely soul. Usually, such persons take drugs, mainly tobacco to overcome their depression.