What’s Healthy In Pasta


Pasta has seen its negative share regarding the health impacts associated with it. Many rumors are found all over the world about its carbs content that make you confuse about its consumption. In this article we have set straight fact supported by science which confirms pasta as safe and healthy food.
Pasta is a wholesome, affordable, easy to make and all favorite food that serve a perfect base for preparing healthy meals. Generally, it encourage the concept of Mediterranean Diet as it is eaten with highly nutritious food ingredients like fiber rich vegetables, beans, protein rich cheese, poultry, sea food, antioxidant rich tomato sauce, herbs and healthy oils as monounsaturated ones.

Nutritional facts:
It has the punch of several health essential properties that promote the concept of healthy living and boost immune system as well. These properties are due to the presence of fiber, proteins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
One cup of pasta contains appropriate amount of carotenoids including lutein and zeaxanthin, B-vitamins especially folate, selenium, manganese, iron and magnesium.
As far as the carbohydrate content is concerned then one thing to clarify is that pasta have the wealth of good carbs ”the complex carbs” which is the major fuel of our system releasing energy slowly and fulfilling vital requirements of our body. However it is not the major culprit for weight gain but portion size matter a lot. Approximately, one cup of will give you 4 calories per gram of pasta.

Which pasta is HEALTHY?
The best choices include:
• Whole wheat pasta.
• Buckwheat soba pasta.
• Konjaku pasta.

Health benefits of pasta:
• Heart healthy:
The combination of vegetables, healthy oils and sea food make it a heart healthy choice with cholesterol lowering ability which lowers ones risk to get heart disease like atherosclerosis and coronary heart diseases.

• Treats hypertension:
One out of three is suffering from hypertension and the rate is increasing tremendously. There are many types of hypertension but sodium-induced hypertension is the dominant one that can be controlled by taking a little care. Fortunately, pasta has a unique combination of low sodium and high magnesium that are the key nutrients of ”DASH Diet”. Less amount of sodium averts blood pressure boost and magnesium act as vasodilator which relaxes blood vessels and regulate blood pressure.

• Safe for diabetics:
Glycemic index of foods is an important factor to consider regarding the health of diabetics. The higher is the glycemic index of a food the higher is the risk of blood sugar rise. Pasta is unique because having a low glycemic index which resist sudden lift in sugar and maintain a steady supply of energy.

• A complete balanced diet:
Current American dietary guidelines insist on taking 65% of total calories from carbohydrate source therefore it serve a perfect balance meal as it greatly comprised of complex carbohydrates that act as active fuel to brain and muscles all day long.

• Aid to weight loss:
With single cup of pasta providing 100 calories per cup, it also provide you with valuable vitamins and minerals because of other ingredients included in its preparation, this will create a feeling of fullness and prevent ill-timed hunger.

• Prevent cell damage:
Various nutrients are present there in pasta some of which behave like antioxidant and other play role as activator for antioxidants. Antioxidants are especially known for averting cell damage by engulfing free radicals that otherwise become the root cause of many chronic diseases like cancer.